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Profidyn offers full business development services to companies looking for business expansion in Europe, using Belgium as a hub.

Are you just investigating about business development possibities in Europe? Do you have concrete plans for setting up an own branch, subsidiary or a distribution network? Or are you already settled in Europe and you want to increase your sales or profits?

Profidyn gives you a full support - from planning to execution:

  • from growth strategy to business plan
  • marketing plan that matches European market requirements
  • business setup and support: location, funding, legal, administration, partner search, organisation, staffing, ...

Our approach goes far beyond traditional management consultancy. To be successful, any business growth plan should not remain as a design on the manager's desk, but needs to be implemented. We are proud of the way we work with our customers to achieve significant business results. This site offers you more information about Profidyn and about our powerful partner network.

Also, you will find out why Belgium, at the heart of Europe, is an excellent place for starting or for further developing your business.

Profidyn nv/sa - Dalialaan 39 - 3191 Boortmeerbeek - Tel. +32 15 61 56 76
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